Disaster/Tragedy Support

In the recent months we have witnessed numerous natural disasters and man made tragedies strike the places that we are often in and the types of events that we often do. Instead of getting depressed by these events we decided that we would do what we could to help. So, since we are a small company and like so many in the world today, lacking financial abundance we thought that the best thing we could do was offer our labor and skill to help those in need. To that end we designed a red, white and blue Midgard bracelet that to us symbolizes the American spirit. In times of crises the American people pull together and help one another, it is one of the countless things that makes this such a great country. We will donate 50% of every one of these bracelets sold to the appropriate relief fund. We would love to donate it all but we have to cover the material cost of the piece but we are donating the other 50% which represents our labor. Thank you for helping us support and help those in need. In the drop down menu, just choose which cause you are supporting so we know the appropriate relief fund to send the monies to.